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Why give Donations to The Final Edge Association?

Why give Donations to The Final Edge Association?

-Prachi Agarwal

Human beings work hard to give themselves and their beloved ones a happy and better life. But in this fast-paced life, they hardly get time for social service. So as an alternative they donate money to the NGOs that are dedicated towards it.

Almost all of us desire to donate for one cause or the other but are suspicious of finding an authentic nonprofit organization where online giving is safe and convenient because practically it is not always possible for a donor to physically determine if the charity they are donating to is the right one.

The Final Edge Association, a non-profit organization is well aware of the challenges that people might face throughout the donation process, so it is committed to resolving these problems.

From the beginning, we have been passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through our youth-oriented programmes. Our initiatives are related to:

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health Care

Do we provide Accountability & Transparency?

To overcome the trust gap between donors and nonprofits, Transparency plays an important role that allows the NGOs to maintain a trustworthy place.

So to achieve this we adopted some measures which include-

Annual Report:

It provides people with the details of the activities undertaken by our organization during a particular year.

Feedback Reports:

We believe that it is essential to consider the viewpoints of the beneficiaries we are working with to understand their perceptions. We also immediately respond to donor issues.

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