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Global pandemic set back physical handicapped athletes

Global pandemic set back physical handicapped athletes

-Prashant Sirmaur

There are a lot of limitations for a disabled person to play sports, the fact is not unknown to many. Addition to that, this extraordinary situation of global pandemic has made sports around the world standstill. The effect of covid-19 was so harsh that almost all sports around the world were rescheduled or cancelled, such as the 2020 Olympic and 2021 paralympic in Tokyo. Due to the limited or no physical acts the capabilities and game of athletes might get impacted negatively. Athletes with disabilities have majorly impacted due to the covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and no physical training has made them sit at home and do nothing, which is affecting the performance of the athletes.

As per one research conducted in Poland, around 88% of the athletes trained at home and the remaining 12% suspended their training. The negative side of training at home is, different sorts of sports require different size of field and equipment and it is not possible to practice and train with the same intensity at home as on the field. Also the training time of the athletes were also affected due to the pandemic and lockdown around the world, the athletes training time was almost reduced to half, by looking at these figures one can easily conclude that the loss due to COVID-19 is so much that recovery is not near and soon. Everyone during the covid-19 pandemic has endured Significant challenges, and many reports witnessed that disabled people are less likely to be active than the general public, the reports shows that physical activity of disabled have declined from 26% to 17%.

Profound effect of viruses has led disable people to endure more pain, the progress in the field is hindered, and the differences are growing bigger. The issue to be addressed is, not many people discuss the crisis disabled athletes are going through and it is our duty that no individual should be overlooked. Tough decisions should be made to balance the growing differences.

Listening to the athletes about their problems and mitigating it is preferable, whereas organizations can look for increasing budget and providing support to such people, otherwise the performance of the athletes might get decreased. The overall scenario shows that the conditions of disabled sports athletes is deteriorating, major steps are most welcome in this situation to go back to routine.

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